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 Post subject: Warren Ellis namechecks Laughing Ogre and other ramblings.
PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2003 2:50 pm Staff
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Warren Ellis is my favorite comic book writer. Go here:

In his latest great newsletter, he namechecks my favorite Ohio comic book store, Laughing Ogre. Give this a read, and the rest of it. Fucked up and beautiful:

bad signal

Why isn't there a teleportation system between here and California?
I demand better service.

Someone needs to devise a way to remotely delete blogs that
contain nothing but the results of online tests. This remote
deletion device should also incinerate the generative organs
of the perpetrators. Testicles and wombs making little fireworks
to brighten the long dark night of the world wide web.

Benetton clothes will soon contain ID chips that transmit in
a three-foot radius and are imperceptible to the wearer. But
not to a store clerk with a POS console set up to read the
tags. That tag can store an awful lot of information, and can
easily be set to apply sales data to the tag. Which means
that a Benetton store could smartly notice when a pair of
its trousers slouches back into the store, load up the owner's
store card or CC details, and aim a drone at them for handselling.

Odd trend; interviews with comics creators at
have become targets for the _expression of nerdhate. This got
going when they interviewed editor Bob Schreck, and writer Joe
Casey is the latest. Pulse operates a system where the features
are published via UBB message-board software, allowing comments
from the peanut gallery. It seems that, at Pulse, the interviews are
considered by the audience to be some kind of personal affront, or
a skinny Christian pushed in front of their leonine maws. And so
the nerdcore descends; in the newest instance, mostly unable to
spell even Joe's name correctly. Even comics store owners step in
to call Joe -- one of the better writers in commercial comics right
now -- a monkey. And, you know.... it's embarrassing. It's
pitiable. And it's a definite trend. Comics: the medium that hated
itself to death.

Incidentally; our fine ORBITER initial sales figures still mean that
a great many of you live near comics stores that didn't actually
order it at all. Comic Relief in Berkeley ordered 30 copies for the
book's first week. That means at least a dozen other stores didn't
order one copy, right there. So be prepared to put in a special order
if you want a copy of ORBITER. Not all of you are in SF, or near
a Splash Page, Big Brain, Comicopia, Speeding Bullet or Laughing
. Or wait until it goes out to bookstores in the summer. I mean,
if they're not going to order it, what am I supposed to say?

I want a button on my computer that, when depressed, has the target
on the screen held down and fucked in the gall bladder by nymphomaniac
suicide lepers who are quite prepared to leave their green suppurating
cocks broken off in the wound.



-- aaaarrrr


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