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 Post subject: this week at the treehouse (6.21-6.28)
PostPosted: Sun Jun 21, 2009 10:01 pm 
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Theodore is a four piece band from St. Louis, Missouri. We have been playing music together since September 2006. We have driven around the United States and played music together. We have self-released two full length records, "Songs for the Weary" and "Defeated, Tennessee". "Defeated, Tennessee", our most recent record, is based upon some letters and family debris we found in an abandoned house in Tennessee. We are working on a new full length record. We will be touring a good piece this summer. Thank you kindly for your time and interest. We'll see you soon

Columbus, Ohio-based classic-rock-meets-roots-punk outfit Two Cow Garage will release their fourth full-length, "Speaking In Cursive", on Suburban Home Records. Comprised of Micah Schnabel (vocals, guitar), Shane Sweeney (bass, vocals), Chris Flint (guitar), Andy Schell (keyboards), and Cody Smith (drums), the outfit, which plays more than 200 shows a year (and has for the past six years), has made their darkest, yet most rewarding record to date, writing songs that deal with the problems and dilemmas of growing up, coming to terms with ones dreams versus reality, as well as songs about substance abuse, the wasting of youth (and the effects on your friends when youth is stolen too soon), navigating the troubled waters of relationships, and, of course, crushes-turned-heartbreak.

"Reminiscent of Jim James, Townes Van Zandt and a (sometimes) very Dylan-esque midwestern drawl, it's mellow folk that, as the songs pass gradually, abandons country and the harmonica for heavier, meandering slow core. The middle tracks are like Jason Molina and the entire Magnolia Electric Co. got a nice swift kick in the pants, told to add some gusto and hurry that shit up (not an uncommon thought). It ends right back where it started; the plaintive singer/songwriter with bare guitar and vocals."
- 75 or Less


10 pm

no show tonight, but we're open from 7 pm-2 am. cmon down and have a beer or three.

What can you say about a band like Couch Forts? A three-man band out to change history is typically the overwhelming response. The members of this fine group are Owen Kelley, Matt Opachick, and Tyler Evans. Kelley, a former lion tamer, plays guitar, bass drum, and also sings. MattO, a world renowned rodeo clown, plays the fiddle. And last but not least, Tyler "Turkey Fart" Evans, the father of both Kelley and Opachick, plays banjo. With their powers combined, they create music that is often referred to as, "architectonic, heavy industrial folk rock with a crude awareness of the human condition." They would love to build a couch fort with you. - Harold Bloom


Englishman is Andrew English recorded at his apartment home in Lexington, KY. Justin Craig and Matthew Duncan make stage shows more fun than they should be.
Recently shared stages with Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Deer Tick, Vandaveer, Elf Power, Angela Desveaux, Stars, Clem Snide, Fruit Bats, Lake, and Desolation Wilderness

...Just don’t dismiss them as another folk-y, coffee-shop, Woody Guthrie wannabe band. The music is earnest and intelligent, and the musicians can be joyful, solemn or just plain rowdy—and they do it with the flourish of real entertainers."-- Jon Theiss, the Other Paper

10 PM

best open mic in town. no foolin.
(sign-ups at 8, performances at 8:15) and will run until about 1:00-1:30.
Performers will be videotaped (with the performers' permission) and their performances will be posted on
Also new, you can message the site ( open mic or send an email to to sign up for a slot (15 minute increments from 8:15 on. I hope all Columbus musicians find this salubrious to their open mic needs.

8 PM

"It Takes A Nation Of Assholes To Hold Us Back" is the 2nd complete full-length album by this awesome band from Cleveland/Ohio – Featuring 14 songs recorded by STEVE ALBINI at Electric Audio Studio in Chicago! Released exclusively worldwide on VINYL via X-MIST RECORDS (CD released on COLD SWEAT RECORDS in the USA)! THIS MOMENT IN BLACK HISTORY includes ex-members of NEON KING KONG, CHARGERS STREET GANG and BASSHOLES – and the band has previously released records on labels like EXIT STENCIL RECORDINGS, VERSION CITY, and GOLD STANDARD LABORATORIES!!! For those unfamiliar, THIS MOMENT IN BLACK HISTORY are a welcome addition to the legendary musical lineage of their home state of Ohio (PAGANS, DEVO, DEAD BOYS, ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS), filling a void in the sound and subject matter sorely missed in contemporary culture. Sonically traversing territories blazed by BAD BRAINS, the MONORCHID, LE SHOK or PERE UBU, while lyrically challenging social and political norms with the wit and insight of such greats as BLACK FLAG or PUBLIC ENEMY. This LP comes with very special artwork, including a printed innersleeve, and a peel-off sticker on the cover (just like back then Andy Warthol’s banana on the legendary first VELVET UNDERGROUND LP...)


The summer of '08. It's been nothing but stasis. It's the perfect word, I'm sorry. Stasis. No diminish, no gain. Just a comfortable home to call my own. The only time I've crossed state lines from April to now was spent with a mysterion. Stuck in Louisville at the Terrastock with the Dark Side of the Mural (Dustin White), a bottle of Bulleit, my brother, and dude from the future. Nice that L'ville supported such a combination of off-ness (worth a visit).

We were certainly obliged to hear the latest from the Moon and Badtimes, then and now shortened to Moons! (good reduction). White is basically Moons! Who knows how many others played here, 1-2 maybe, so you've got to imagine multiple versions of the lanky, skywalker, playing drums, guitar, basslines, and keys, to fully ingest this limited release EP (mines 11 of 50). There's a new touring band every week.....(???)...You could compare it to the act of boiling water. Mundane analogy, sure. But I'm thinking of it as heat energy, cosmic awareness. Moons! and the man (I'm referring to Mr. White) can't be pressured, if you stare into the aqua nothing will happen, if you're expecting a full-length tomorrow don't bother. You must step away from the pot and just let thangs happen as they will. Naturally. Eventually you'll get what you want. Maybe that's why this review took so long. Things this grand take time.
White swims liberally in Topographic Oceans on this first recorded introduction. Though I know the guy is always down for a discussion on direct-to-vein psychedelic immersion (we go on for hours about indulgent kraut), he's more likely to let his flavors stew for minutes before getting under the skin. White is somewhat fanatical, meticulous, and introverted (to his studio lair) -- then again, "Carousel to Rebirth" gets the tape going on overdrive right from the first note with a thick haze of reverb and smoke before entering those Wakeman arpeggios he's so fond of. Anyone with the slightest interest in the Yes keyboardist's fluid excursions will find plenty to chew on here. The synths are pristine and cosmic, exploring space from a Columbus' backyard yearning to travel if only to get closer to closest dwarf star.Moons! is of the mind-set that everything has it's place, every little melodic strain of mellotron must be put back where it belongs, there is a constant order and White is simply orbiting it all, sucking it up with magnetic force. "Pyramids are Forever" is that universal perfection -- Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra -- for now belying the ultimate heaviness that is sure to (soon?) follow in the fourth part of some nine-part suite for the "album" already mapped out in his infinite wisdom. Still, let's not call this an EP, it's epic in its four songs, it's epic in just this song. If you see the guy on the street you might want to coax him back into the lab -- there's a classic afoot.-kevin elliott, world of wumme

Assembled in a bar in 2008 and a basement, we are 4 guys and a gal who simply love writing and playing music and sharing it with our friends. {}

10 PM

comfest weekend!

Earwig is a high energy, stripped down, underground-rock trio. Natives of Columbus, Ohio, they frequently tour the Midwest from Chicago to New York. Working at a steady pace over the last several years, the band has been in no hurry to sell themselves short for any mythical big break with a major label. Putting out a series of critically acclaimed but hard to find albums on "micro-indie" record label LFM Records, the band has gathered a small, but ferociously loyal, nationwide fan base. With the release of their new CD "Center Of The Earth", that fan base is growing more quickly than anyone expected. Known for great songwriting and remembered for their spontaneous and reckless live shows, Earwig has long been one of independent music’s best kept secrets. ..

Pretty Mighty Mighty is your columbus ohio midwestern indie pop dissonant rock type outfit. distorted open-chord guitar, odd time signatures, dissonant violin, tenor vocals with the occasional harmony action. rocks out yet soothing.

legendary shortlived columbus indie rock outfit (circa 1994?) feat. RICH CEFALO (ex-earwig), JOE DAVIS (preston furman) and ALAN FOSTER. one-off reunion show. don't miss it.

10 PM
comfest weekend!

TAKE NO DAMAGE (farewell show)

After many years of conceptual existence, Take No Damage was officially born in late 2006 in response to the impending apocalypse. Part noisy pop, part indie rock, all thrown together with some electronics and anything else they stumble across. It's weird pop made by a bunch of weirdos. Seriously. This is their live last performance ever. We miss them already.

Weird Paul Petroskey is one good lookin' S.O.B. But more importantly, he writes the damn catchiest songs. Paul began releasing his own cassettes in the late 80's. In 1991, Homestead Records released "Lo Fidelity, Hi Anxiety", Paul's now hard to find cult classic CD. Since then, Paul is back to releasing his own albums, including his latest, MEDICALLY NECESSARY. Currently, having written or co-written almost 600 songs, Paul has about 20 albums worth of music available for purchase (see On APRIL 21, 2006, the new hour-long documentary on Weird Paul - Weird Paul, A Lo Fidelity Documentary - by Chicago filmmaker Stacey Goldschmidt - showed at the Harris Theater in downtown Pittsburgh (See the trailer at this link: It has since played at the Chicago Underground Film Festival and in Leeds, England at the Leeds International Film Festival. It features interviews with Lou Barlow, Calvin Johnson, John S. Hall, Britt Daniel (Spoon), Mr. HCI (Happy Flowers) and more. Weird Paul is BACK, BAYBEE!

"Wavering between gleefully obnoxious and postmodern genius" -

10 PM
comfest weekend!

After forming in Fall 2008, The Dirty Flaggs have ambitiously taken on the Columbus music scene, quickly gathering a strong and devoted local fan base. With a "leave your ego at the door" policy, The Dirty Flaggs embrace their music and fans with passion.
Whether playing small coffee shops or major Columbus venues, stripped down acoustic sets or full blow rock shows, they have shown they give 100% each and every time.Finding uniqueness and a wealth of talent in front man/guitarist Andrew Murray (from Durban, South Africa), The Dirty Flaggs' ability to always evolve, work on new music, new sounds, and grow as a band, promises to prove they are an up and coming band who's not afraid to push the boundaries of their alternative pop rock genre.

Recently formed three piece A FRIEND CALLED FIRE has released their debut EP STORIES OF TOMORROW and it is COMBUSTABLE. Comprised of JON ALLEGRETTO (guitars/vocals), ADAM POWERS (bass/backing vocals), and AARON J. (drums), this CHICAGO, IL-based band is sure to set the windy city ablaze again. With tracks like "THIS GRACE" (a hard-hitting rhythmic jam containing lyrics like, "STEAL MY FACE NO USE LOOKING ANYMORE," and BATHE MYSELF IN FIRE"), "KILLER IN YOUR HEART" (a cymbal heavy song with a FLESH-CHARING BASS LINE, melodic tones and vocals sure to have the rocker chicks STOP'N, DROP'N, and ROLL'N), and "MR. REGRET" (a drum-kit-banging, last call-style of a ballad with contrite lyrics that kindle your own memories of regret) this album is an INFERNO that leaves your musical appetite BURNING for more. The only downside of the EP is that it doesn't capture the SEARING HEAT of this band's on-stage performances.My advice to the reader is get out to a show, grab a CD, and don't forget your FLAME RETARDENT gear 'cause it going to get TOASTY in there!

10 PM
twitter: treehousecbus

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